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Bee Venom Hypersensitivity Update - Seale-Hayne '88

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Bee World Vol.70 (1) 1989 pp. 12-18
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Bee Venom Hypersensitivity Update - Seale-Hayne '88


Harry R C Riches


The following article, by Dr Harry Riches, former member of IBRA Council, elaborates on the lecture given at the Devon Beekeepers' Associationl IBRA meeting at Seale-Hayne Agricultural College last year. Dr Harry Riches, currently President of the British Beekeepers' Association, is Senior Consultant Physician at Harefield Hospital, UK. He is the author of mmiy articles on allergy to bee venom, including Hypersensitivity to bee venom, published in Bee World 1982

Keywords Bee Venom, Bee Venom Hypersensitivity, Bee Venom Allergy, Beekeeping, Seale-Hayne Agricultural College
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