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The development of Beekeeping Associations in England. Study one:1890-1939

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Bee World Vol.76 (4) 1995 pp.169-184
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The development of Beekeeping Associations in England. Study one: 1890-1939


Karl Showler


The British Beekeepers' Association (BBKA) established in 1874 was, within a decade, evolving from a London based club into a body addressing national issues. The first county associations, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, and Surrey, were admitted as members on 1 May 1879 for a fee of £1.05 (personal membership was then £0.25). At that time other county associations had been formed with three in communication with the BBKA: the Devon and Exeter, the Dorset, and the Shropshire, who subsequently joined. From now on the evolution from a club was not going to be easy and relationships with regional beekeeping associations were often strained. The development of national associations in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, left the BBKA after 1943 as the primary 'English' association, although it continued to draw support from some non-English areas. The change in the role of the BBKA must be set against the changes in other voluntary organizations and in national and local government in the UK.

Keywords Beekeeping Associations, England, History
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