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Acaricide (pyrethroid) resistance in Varroa destructor

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Journal Name Bee World
Article Title Acaricide (pyrethroid) resistance in Varroa destructor
Author(s) Stephen J Martin
Volume 85
Issue 4
Published Date 12/1/2004
Pages 67 to 69
Abstract The infamous varroa mite has become one of the most serious pests of European honey bees, causing a worldwide loss of millions of colonies. As the eradication of the mite is impossible, beekeepers have had to rely heavily on a small number of acaricides as their main line of defence against the mite. However, the appearance and rapid spread of mites resistant to some of the most commonly used acaricides is causing a new wave of problems for beekeepers.
Keywords Varroa destructor, honey bees, pests, mites, parasites, control methods, acaricides, Europe, resistance