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Beaverlodge, Canada

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Bee World  Vol. 90 (1) 2013 pp. 15-16
Article Title Beaverlodge, Canada

Norman Carreck

Abstract In the middle of January, I had the opportunity to visit the Beaverlodge Experimental Farm in Alberta, Canada. Beaverlodge, run by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, has connections with bees dating back to 1922, but since 1953 has had a continuous programme of bee research. This is a fairly remote area, close to the foot-hills of the Rockies and dominated by gas and oil exploration and agriculture. In January it is bleak, with temperatures of -22°C, snow on the ground for many months and traffic dominated by enormous pickup trucks driven by huge hairy men in lumberjack shirts, but this is a deceptive impression.
Keywords Beaverlodge, Canada
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