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The Appliance of Science: The COLOSS BEEBOOK

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Bee World  Vol. 90 (1) 2013 p. 9
Article Title The Appliance of Science: The COLOSS BEEBOOK

Norman Carreck

Abstract As mentioned in the last issue of this journal (Carreck, 2012), the long awaited COLOSS BEEBOOK is now a reality. The background to this exciting project has already been provided (Williams et al., 2012; Dietemann et al., 2013), but essentially the COLOSS (Prevention of honey bee COlony LOSSes) network aims to explain and prevent worldwide honey bee colony losses. One of the first problems faced by the network was the difficulty of comparing data, due to the variety of methods employed by different laboratories around the world. The solution is the COLOSS BEEBOOK, a unique venture that aims to standardise methods for studying the honey bee. It is a practical manual compiling standard methods in all fields of research on the honey bee, Apis mellifera, and it is hoped that it will become the definitive, but evolving, research manual, composed of 33 peer-reviewed chapters authored by more than 160 of the world’s leading honey bee experts.
Keywords Colony Losses, COLOSS, BEEBOOK
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