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Stirring up a Hornet’s Nest

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Bee World  Vol. 90 (1) 2013 p. 5
Article Title Stirring up a Hornet’s Nest

Thomas Sicheritz-Ponten and Nikolaj Blom

Abstract Recently there has been a lot of focus on the emerging field of electro-microbiology, where bacteria can either utilize electricity and convert it into bio-mass or the other way round converting biomass into electricity. One goal of the newly founded Novo Nordisk Center for Bio-sustainability (CfB) is to understand and utilize this microbial skill set. The role of the Metagenomic Systems Biology section, home to Thomas Sicheritz-Ponten and Nikolaj Blom, at the CfB, is to bring in fresh ideas into the design of microbial cell factories.
Keywords Metagenomic Systems Biology, electro-microbiology, bio-mass, Denmark, Jordan
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