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Journal of Apicultural Research: Volume 1, 1962

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Bee World  Vol.88 (1) 2011 pp. 18-19
Article Title Journal of Apicultural Research: Volume 1, 1962
Author(s) IBRA
Abstract IBRA has always tried to serve bee research and beekeeping in the best possible way. To do this it has had to evolve and change with the times: witness our current efforts to make our material instantly available on the web, in accordance with the demands of current researchers and readers. In an age when the initial response of most people to something unknown is “to Google it”, the new generation of post graduate researchers may find it hard to realise the important part played by printed journals only a generation ago. Such a journal was Journal of Apicultural Research now commencing its Fiftieth Volume. It was first published in 1962 and came about as a result of pressure on IBRA, then the Bee Research Association, to create a separate international journal for the publication of original research papers. To this day the journal remains the world’s foremost English language bee research journal. To celebrate those fifty years of excellence we are reproducing here the very first article ever published: The Events Following Queen Cell Construction in Honeybee Colonies by N E Gary and R A Morse from one of the leading bee research departments in the US at Cornell University.
Keywords Journal of Apicultural Research, JAR
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