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The Appliance Of Science: Is my bee "better" than yours?

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Bee World Vol.88 (1) 2011 pp. 9-10
Article Title The Appliance Of Science: Is my bee “better” than yours?
Author(s) Norman Carreck
Abstract Like most keepers of livestock, or growers of crops, beekeepers are often obsessed with the idea that the varieties of bees that are available elsewhere are in some way intrinsically “better” than the ones that they have already (Carreck, 2007). Alternatively, many have great patriotic pride in their “local” bee, believing it to be superior against all comers. Others still are aware that bees may be well adapted to one area, but are perhaps unsuited to other areas where conditions are different. Such topics can be fiercely argued, filling many hours during visits to the pub after bee meetings or at conferences. Examination of early issues of the British Bee Journal or Bee World shows the letters pages to be full of such discussions and the debate continues today on computer bulletin boards and discussion groups.
Keywords Beekeeping, Beekeepers, Bee World
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