Editorial - Towards better crop pollination

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Bee World Vol.65 (4) 1984 p. 145
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Editorial - Towards better crop pollination


It is vitally important to improve the efficiency of crop pollination so that yields are increased. This issue of Bee World carries articles on the pollination of two crop plants-kiwifruit and swede rape-and heralds the publication by IBRA before the end of the year of the Pollination directory for world crops mentioned in no. 1 Bee World. A number of books have been published on insect pollination of crops, but it is still not easy for a grower to find details about a specific crop. The crop may be self-pollinated, in which case the grower has nothing to do. Or it may be cross-pollinated by wind or by insect, in which case he may need to adapt his planting plan to the plant's pollination requirements. Very often he must provide extra pollinating insects.

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