Editorial: How pure is pure honey?

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Bee World Vol.73 (3) 1992 pp.173-175
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Editorial: How pure is pure honey?


Andrew Matheson


Beekeepers and others in the honey industry pride themselves on producing a pure food, one of nature's best products. But the presence of chemical residues in honey is already a concern in some countries, and I think that this issue is poised to be one of the most significant challenges for beekeeping in the next decade. Chemical use by beekeepers is increasing because of the spread of pests and diseases. In North America, for example, medication has been employed to control (and sometimes to prevent) the two foul broods in many areas, for a long time. The discovery of the parasitic mites Acarapis woodi and Varroa jacobsoni has resulted in many beekeepers recently beginning to feed acaricides as well as antibiotics.

Keywords Beekeeping, honey, honey qualtiy, honey purity
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