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World Bee Health Update

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Bee World Vol.76 (1) 1995 pp.31-39
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World Bee Health Update


Andrew Matheson


In 1993 a comprehensive review of world bee health was published in Bee World, intended to serve as an accessible and reliable reference to the honey bee health status of almost every country in the world. From this readers would be able to infer something about the distribution of the parasites, pests and diseases surveyed, and about the knowledge of honey bee pathology in different parts of the globe. This update includes new information which has come to light, either supplementing or correcting data given in the original review. I hope that the updated information will encourage the further reporting of reliable records on the occurrence of honey bee diseases, parasites and pests as a useful contribution to beekeeping knowledge and practice.

Keywords world bee health, honey bees, honey bee pathoolgy, beekeeping, bee diseases, bee parasites, bee pests
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