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Journal of Apicultural ResearchEditorial team: Norman Carreck (UK), Adriana Alippi (Argentina), Kate Aronstein (USA), Fani Hatjina (Greece), Irfan Kandemir (Turkey), Birgit Lichtenberg-Kraag (Germany), Silke Stach (Switzerland).

The Journal of Apicultural Research is a refereed scientific journal dedicated to bringing the best research on bees. The Journal of Apicultural Research publishes original research articles, original theoretical papers, notes, comments and authoritative reviews on scientific aspects of the biology, ecology, natural history, conservation and culture of all types of bee (superfamily Apoidea). The Journal of Apicultural Research was founded in 1962A history of the journal can be found here

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Journal of Apicultural Research

Journal of Apicultural Research

Honey bee genotypes and the environment (2014)

The COLOSS BEEBOOK Part1 (2013)




Honey bee colony losses (2010)

The small hive beetle 

Spanish Summaries : IBRA tiene el placer de anunciar que los resúmenes de los artículos publicados en elJournal of Apicultural Research aparecerán a partir de ahora en Español y en Inglés, con la intención de hacer llegar a más gente todo lo mejor de la ciencia apícola actual.


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