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The Alarm Pheromones Of Queen And Worker Honey Bees

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Bee World Vol.76 (3) 1995 pp.119-129
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The Alarm Pheromones Of Queen And Worker Honey Bees


Yaacov Lenski And Pierre Cassier


Honey bee workers defend their colonies against many intruders that may attack their nests to rob nectar, honey, pollen, brood or adult bees, and stinging and other colony defence systems are essential for colony survival. Guards at hive entrances intercept all bees entering the nest and inspect them with their antennae. They are able to distinguish intruders that are not honey bees and robbing honey bees from different colonies using odour and other cues. The colony-specific odour that adheres to the body of a bee is partly under genetic control and partly dependent on the nature of food collected. During a nectar flow the number of guards at the hive entrance is reduced and the acuity of their perception seems to be very low.

Keywords Honey Bee Workers, Alarm Pheromones
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