Statistical guidelines for Apis mellifera research

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Journal of Apicultural Research Vol. 52(4)
DOI 10.3896/IBRA.
Date September 2013
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Statistical guidelines for Apis mellifera research


Christian W W Pirk, Joachim R de Miranda, Matthew Kramer, Tomàs E Murray, Francesco Nazzi, Dave Shutler, Jozef J M van der Steen and Coby van Dooremalen


In this article we provide guidelines on statistical design and analysis of data for all kinds of honey bee research. Guidelines and selection of different methods presented are, at least partly, based on experience. This article can be used: to identify the most suitable analysis for the type of data collected; to optimise one’s experimental design based on the experimental factors to be investigated, samples to be analysed, and the type of data produced; to determine how, where, and when to sample bees from colonies; or just to inspire. Also included are guidelines on presentation and reporting of data, as well as where to find help and which types of software could be useful.


COLOSS, BEEBOOK, honey bees, sampling, sample size, GLMM, robust statistics, resampling, PCA, Power, rule of thumb

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