Anti-inflammatory activity of propolis from Maharashtra, India

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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 52 (2) pp.35-43
April 2013
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Anti-inflammatory activity of propolis from Maharashtra, India


Dattatraya G Naik, Arvind M Mujumdar and Harshada S Vaidya


Propolis is a beehive product used in folk medicine. However, its composition and properties vary widely. Although anti-inflammatory activity of propolis collected from various regions of the world is reported, the potential of Indian propolis is not much explored. Present studies are carried out on propolis collected from Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra State, India. Determination of anti-inflammatory activity is carried out by topical 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA) induced ear oedema and systemic carrageenan induced rat paw oedema model. To standardize the constitution of the fractions studied, HPTLC profile of each of the fractions and volatile oil is recorded. The total ethanolic extract, all the fractions and volatile oil of propolis examined show significant topical anti-inflammatory activity. Ethyl acetate soluble fraction (EAFP) is found to be the most active fraction. Systemic study of EAFP shows that the activity is dose dependent and the dose of 200 mg/kg showed more reduction in inflammation at 4 h than that due to the standard Indomethacin at the concentration of 10 mg/kg. Thus the potential of propolis studied as a natural anti-inflammatory agent is demonstrated.


Propolis, volatile oil, chromatography, anti-inflammatory activity, TPA, carrageenan, rat paw oedema model

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