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Monoterpenoids as possible control agents for Varroa destructor

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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 41 (3-4) pp. 83 - 88
December 2002
Article Title

Monoterpenoids as possible control agents for Varroa destructor.

C Fassbinder, J Grodnitzky, J Coats


The use of plant-derived monoterpenoids for control of Varroa destructor, a destructive ectoparasite of the honey bee, Apis mellifera, was investigated in laboratory bioassays and autumn field treatments. Twelve monoterpene derivatives were analysed through fumigation bioassays. Linalyl acetate, (R)-myrtenyl acetate, (S)-perillyl acetate, and thymyl acetate exhibit­ed high toxicities toward V. destructor (mean LCso = 0.05) and significantly lower toxicities toward A. mellifera (mean LCso = 0.95). Due to their demonstration of species-selective toxic­ity, these four acetates were chosen for field tri­als. In the field trials, all four monoterpenoid­treated groups were statistically significantly different from the control group in reduction of V. destructor infestation, yielding a 51-64% reduction of V. destructor when compared with the control group.


Apis mellifera, Varroa destructor, honey bees, ectoparasites, monoterpenoids, bioassay, brood, derivatives, species-selective toxicity