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The volatile fraction of chestnut honey

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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 25 (2) pp. 113-120
June 1986
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The volatile fraction of chestnut honey


Giorgio Bonaga And Angelo G. Giumanini


The volatile components of a uniftoral chestnut (Castanea sativa) honey were isolated by steam distillation extraction and studied using a gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer equipped with a computerized system for data acquisition and library search. The extract of volatiles was a complex mixture of at least SO compounds, 19 of which had not been previously reported to be present in honey. Some compounds, and particularly the main component of the mixture (3-aminoacetophenone), may be specific for the floral source.


Honey, chestnut, Castanea sativa, gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer

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