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Patterns of honeybee colony gain in Alberta, Canada

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Journal of Apicultural Research
Vol. 26 (1) pp. 47-52
March 1987
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Patterns of honeybee colony gain in Alberta, Canada


Tibor I. Szabo And Diana T. Heikel


Honeybee (Apis mellifera) colony weights were recorded in Alberta at Beaverlodge, 1977-1985; Falher, 1979-1983; Brooks, 1979-1980; Scandia, 1982-1983; and Spruce Grove, 1982-1983. Colonies were provided with a constant supply of 10--30 combs for honey storage during the summer nectar flow. The peak period for colony gains was the latter part of July and the beginning of August. Great fluctuations in gains occurred between and within seasons. As much as 12% of the net production for the entire season occurred in a single day, 28% in 3 days, 53% in 7 days, 86% in 14 days and over 100% in 21 days. It was concluded that during the nectar flow, the continuous provision of ample empty comb is essential for maximum production, probably not only in Alberta but also in other areas of the world where nectar flows are intense and of short duration.


Honey production, Colony weight, Nectar flow, Canada

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