Exceptional Value!
Very useful for Module 8 of the BBKA exams.
Crane, E, 1999 (Reprinted 2011) Hardback 682 pp. ISBN: 978-0715628270 This totally comprehensive tome has now been republished. It is the first book to explore in detail the world history of man’s use of bees from prehistoric times to the present day. It gathers together a vast amount of information in an eminently readable text. From archaelogical evidence about bee hives in Ancient Egypt to the Maya people of Mesoamerica who kept stingless bees, Dr Crane recognieses the variations in methods and yet there are some uncanny similarities. It wasn't until the 1600 that beekeeping techniques started to change in Europe, which culminated in 1851 with L L Langstroth's moveable frame hives being produced in the USA. The subsequent changes in beekeeping, based on scientific knowledge, brings the history up to date. There are over 500 illustrations and extensive bibliographies and appendices.
Dr Crane's fascinating exploration into the world of bees lives on and her life and work is recognised in a new Foreword.
Published in Ibra Publications